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Hello, I am Marika Ato

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About me

Hello and nice to meet you,

I am Maria Boklach, aka MarikaAto.

I’ve spent the past ten years working in marketing and advertising, managing brand identity and visual communication across the world. In that time, I’ve realised that what really drives me is creating illustrations and artworks. Graphic design and illustration have accompanied me through out my whole career. I have created illustrations and artworks for different industries from music band posters to concept art for video games.

I love traveling and experiencing new cultures. I grew up in Kazakhstan and I have lived in New Zealand, United Kingdom, the Kingdom of Cambodia, and now, the Netherlands. Throughout my career I have developed a deep understanding of communications across and within cultures. I am strongly focusing on content-aware illustrations and company values. 

Feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more or interested to work with me. 

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